Lebanon Is Expecting Its 7th Heatwave This Year… In October!


Lebanese have been rejoicing in the cool breeze, cloudy skies, and autumn leaves. But just when you thought summer was over, climate change surprises you.

It is about to get a lot warmer!

Fr. Elie Khneisser, a Lebanese weather specialist, reported that Lebanon is about to get hit with its 7th heatwave, calling it “the second summer of October”.

Originating in the deserts of Sudan, the heatwave will impact the Middle Eastern region, the temperature in Lebanon is expected to exceed 36 degrees.

Monday and Tuesday were moderately warm, however, the change in weather is expected to begin on Wednesday.

The heat can go as high as 37 degrees in the Bekka Valley, and as high as 34 along the coastal region.

Until now, no rain is expected during the first half of October, according to the post. It seems like summer just doesn’t want to end.

At least people can still go to the beach, right? Wrong. Up to 111 towns in Lebanon are currently under lockdown. People are told to stay at home and wear masks.

Lucky are those who can turn on their ACs and fans. But for those too many who can no longer afford to pay generator bills, well, they will feel the heat.

In addition, with the diesel crisis still around, some building’s generators aren’t even functioning at all.

The incoming heatwave also sounds the alarm for possible bush fires.

Luckily, the heat is believed to subside by Friday according to the Meteorological Department of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

One can at least hope for better weather to relieve the burnt-out Lebanese population because improvements in other matters seem to be distant dreams.

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Lebanon Is Expecting Its 7th Heatwave This Year... In October!

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