Hezbollah Officials Just Met With President Macron’s Envoy


The head of the Resistance Bloc of Hezbollah in the parliament, MP Mohammad Raad, met with the envoy of French President Macron on Thursday, announcing that the party is working to facilitate the formation of a government to implement the “French Initiative” that called for reforms.

“We are responsible as much as possible to speed up the formation of the government because the country’s situation is intolerable and the economic situation is dire,” Raad said after his meeting with the French Envoy, Patrick Dorrell.

According to LBCI news, Raad considered that Dorrell’s trip was for the purpose of inquiring about the formation of the new government, hoping to cooperate with the President to overcome the obstacles that have delayed the formation.


However, MP Raad did not mention what kind of new government Lebanon will welcome. Questions regarding whether the newly formed government will end up just like the previous ones remain unanswered.

In response to a question regarding if the US sanctions are coming in the way of the formation of the government, Raad said that it is not possible to determine who is hindering the establishment of the government.


Raad added that the meetings did not go over the US sanctions.

On September, Macron said Lebanese leaders had pledged to form a government within 15 days, which must then implement a host of reforms within one to three months.

Yet, almost three month later Lebanon is still left without a working government.

The French embassy has distributed a “draft program for the new government” to the heads of political blocs. The draft proposals get into the smallest details of public policy in Lebanon, highlighting some laws and projects but sidelining others.

By now, Lebanon should have had a government, resumed IMF talks, launched power plant tenders, appointed electricity regulatory authority, a law on capital controls, as well as judicial independence. The list goes one, but almost all of it hasn’t been implemented to this day.

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