High School Teacher Arrested After Accusations Of Harassing Students In Tripoli, Lebanon


After students at the George Sarraf High School in Tripoli took a stand against a teacher for allegedly harassing students, Samer Mawlawi is finally under arrest.

The teacher was arrested by order of the Lebanese Education Minister Abbas Halabi and the case was referred to the High Disciplinary Commission and the Juvenile Protection Authority in the Ministry of Justice.

In his first comment after the scandal, Samer Mawlawi attempted to defend himself against the accusations he has been harassing students.

During the recorded phone call with TV presenter Tony Khalifeh, the teacher claimed that “this is an organized campaign against me because I am known and successful… People are saying all those things because they are bored and want something to be entertained with.”

Mawlawi proceeded to claim that the screenshots and testimonies made by young girls against him, are all exaggerated and lack parts of the truth.

When asked whether the Minister of Interior, Bassam Mawlawi, is currently supporting him against the allegations, the teacher denied it.

However, he confirmed being closely related to Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi, stating that they are all “one family.” Minister Mawlawi was nominated by the Future Party.

The teacher continues to deny previously being kicked out of several schools in Amioun and Koura for the same behavior and allegations, stating that it was “only a matter of formal rotations like all other school teachers.”

Samer Mawlawi is now under arrest and the protests by students in Tripoli against him continue. The high school even called the Lebanese Army on the students.

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