Lebanese High Schoolers Are Providing Unprivileged Students With Electronic Devices

Keira Dabbagh | Aya Twainy

With the crises dragging and mounting, the youth of Lebanon are not waiting for the ruling body to come to the rescue. Facing the idleness of those elected and their self-serving politics, the youth are rising to tackle what they can of issues with immediate solutions.

In that, they are giving the nation a reason to overcome the impossible status Lebanon is in. They are Lebanon’s assets, and they are proven it, and, for them, the nation has to prevail.

Among these young Lebanese implementing solutions are a team of high schoolers who have taken it upon themselves to help unprivileged students tackle the financial crisis impacting their education.

Countless students of all ages have had to abandon their school classes for lacking the funds for their education and its needed tools, including the electronic devices for their online classes.

Hence, in order to assist unprivileged students to gain access to tech tools to attend their classes, the teenagers Keira Dabbagh and Aya Twainy initiated on January 24, 2021, an NGO under the name Edu.Counts.

Keira and Aya, both aged 16, are high-school students at the Grand Lycée Franco-Libanais (GLFL).

Keira is a ballet dancer and book lover and deems that education is very important, and everyone should have access to it.

Aya enjoys singing and has found her passion in science and in helping her fellow students. For her, education is essential to form good future citizens and a healthy community.

“We sometimes don’t realize how lucky we are to have access to education. Sadly, some children aren’t so fortunate and struggle every day,” they expressed on their website.

“Especially now, with all the problems that we are facing in Lebanon, they are having an even harder time adapting to online education,” they added.

Their initiative focuses on collecting, repairing, and distributing used electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers.

People can also donate money that the founders can use to purchase electronic devices, since, according to Keira and Aya, “every student from preschool to university deserves basic access to education. We can all work together to help make that happen!”

The main mission of Edu.Counts is to let all Lebanese children get access to the needed tools to pursue their education.

These remarkable young Lebanese acknowledge that there are many organizations helping, mainly with food and health, so they must do their part in what is also as important in their perspective: education.

Addressing the public via their website, they enthusiastically invite people to support them: “Let’s act now and help students all across the country!”

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Lebanese High Schoolers Are Providing Unprivileged Students With Electronic Devices

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