10 Homey Guesthouses For Your Next Getaway In Lebanon

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Whether you are a local seeking a healthy break or a foreigner planning to visit Lebanon soon, guesthouses are a perfect alternative to expensive hotels. That’s to add the warmth of feeling at home in homey guesthouses.

There are other advantages to opting for guesthouses in Lebanon, like the personal or direct attention you get from the owners, and the friendly interaction with the Lebanese culture.

#1 Cezar Guest Houses 

In the Chouf region of Barouk, the Cezar project began as a campsite and has extended to guesthouses. 

Currently, there are four Cezar guesthouses: the Farm House, the Mini Guesthouse, the Main Guesthouse, and the Streeh (chill) Guesthouse. 

#2 Beit El Qamar 

Surrounded by the Chouf Mountains, Beit El Qamar has a retro aesthetic. 

It is 30 minutes away from Baakline, where you can find one of Lebanon’s hidden gems: the Baakline Waterfalls.

You can also visit the Atelier Assaf and take a look at the art museum. 

#3 La Maison Des Sources

This 200-year-old guesthouse is located in Ain Zhalta, just below the Chouf Cedar Reserve.

It grants a peaceful atmosphere and warm welcoming vibes.

#4 Beit El Tawlet 

Beit El Tawlet is located in Mar Mikhael in Beirut nearby popular tourist attractions, such as the Sursock Museum and Dar El Nimer. It is themed as an urban jungle

Beit El Tawlet guests are even given a special discount to the Athletes Anonymous Gym.

#5 Beit El Hamra 

This guesthouse is located in the heart of Beirut’s most heavily populated area, Hamra. There is a garden out in the back, about which the owners say, “Yes, we have a garden in the middle of Hamra!”.

The guesthouse materializes Lebanese nostalgia with its quaint design and 50s décor.

#6 Damask Rose

Located in Jounieh, north of Beirut, the Damask Rose guesthouse is strategically located in the middle between the north and the south of Lebanon. This is why it is perfect for tourists. 

#7 Beit Douma

Located in the district of Batroun, the small mountain town of Douma is an aesthetically pleasing destination for tourists of all kinds.

Surrounded by nature, it is 15 mins away from the village Assia that is known for its ancient forms of Lebanese pottery.

#8 My Stone Cellar

Also located in Douma, this guesthouse dates back to the late 19th century and boasts traditional Mediterranean architecture.

#9 Beit Mirna

Beit Mirna is located in Ehden, just 6 km from Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve. The minimalism of the place makes it a great getaway from the bustling city.

#10 Beit Ammiq

Surrounded by nature, this guesthouse is located in the Bekaa Valley near the Ammiq wetlands.

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