Indonesian Peacekeepers Are Providing Medical Assistance in South Lebanon

The south of Lebanon like many other places in Lebanon is a neglected area. Most do not have hospitals. Doctors can be found scarcely, and some dedicate a few hours per week to travel to these areas to provide medical care but it is not enough. 


During the winter, the south becomes very cold and snow covers the roads. People would only travel in case of emergencies. Therefore, to see a doctor becomes a challenging task.

UNIFIL peacekeepers have taken the initiative to travel to examine and treat patients in their homes. This group of Indonesian UNIFIL’s team of skilled and qualified health practitioners travels around the southeastern region of Lebanon to attend to patients who cannot go to doctors.

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UNIFIL has around 1300 peacekeepers in Lebanon. They spread the message of humanity and provide support to communities apart from their original mission, which is to maintain peace in the host lands. They have been doing this for over 13 years.   

This Indonesian mobile home medical assistance has helped in treating around 2500 patients in the south. They provide prompt and professional medical consultations, treatments, and follow up every 2 to 3 days. They take care of people who cannot go to hospitals and those incapacitated by their illness.

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Zahraam a relative of one of their patients, said: “My sister-in-law could not move from her bed, so we had to request medical care from UNIFIL Indonesians healthcare team. Ever since our request, they have come every Saturday and Sunday to check on her medical condition and sterilize her injury.”

The patient, who is 42 years old and suffered a stroke recently, is unable to stand or walk. She is one of the patients being helped by these beautiful souls. “I am grateful to them because whatever medical support we have asked for, they have provided it without any hesitation,” she said.


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