Lebanese Architect Awarded The 2020 Design of Excellence in Germany

Lebanese Architect Tarek Ibrahim believes in the importance of preserving our heritage as an undying statement across times.

“We must respect our heritage and the individuality of every house,” he says. “In the end, architecture is proof of the existence of civilizations throughout history. It is eternal across generations.”

It is that stance, which he once again materialized in a unique project, that has just earned him the prestigious Award of “Excellence in Architecture” at the German International Design Awards 2020 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Among the thousands of contesting projects, Ibrahim’s architectural project, entitled Extension of Identity, is a villa he designed in Bakaata in the Chouf District of Mount Lebanon. It was implemented by Lebanese engineer Lotfe Antonios of his office Paseo Architecture.

The uniqueness of this creative work is that it isn’t like any other traditional villa. It is an extension of a house built in 1852. This house merges two time periods into one.

The restored old house with its modern additions has become a new sensational architectural prize-worthy project.

Even with the addition of contemporary materials, the architect succeeded in preserving the original identity of the house, which stands as a reminder that the Lebanese heritage is an integral part of our lives.

The international evaluation committee stated that architect Tarek was able to integrate the old architecture with the modern architecture while respecting the history of the building and that the various extensions and materials added were meticulously concealed.

His achievement of that place is so unique that the project has been displayed in a private museum at the Angewandte Kunst Museum of Modern Art.

In addition, the name of his firm Paseo Architecture from Lebanon is now placed on the World Prize Wall, a wall of fame, in Germany.

This isn’t the first time Ibrahim stands out with his creative excellence. He has won several awards, including the Golden Award for the Architecture Category by the MUSE Awards of the International Association of Awards.

According to the American Alliance of Museum, “The MUSE awards celebrate scholarship, community, innovation, creativity, education, accessibility, and inclusiveness. Winning projects for each category are chosen by an international group of GLAM technology professionals.”

Among Tarek Ibrahim’s other awards, he was honored in 2019 with a Bronze Award from the A’Design Award & Competition that was held in Milan, Italy.

A year earlier, in 2018, Ibrahim was also recognized with an Award of Excellence in Architecture at the Kotinos International Awards.

The Kotinos International Award, in collaboration with the United Nations, is one of the most prestigious awards internationally and comes originally from Greece. It rewards the excellence of programs as well as personalities proven successful in their fields.


As for his most recent award, Tarek Ibrahim says: “This award is the biggest proof that the preservation of civilizations and history is essential, and the skill is how to combine heritage and contemporary art.”

Tarek Ibrahim resides in Baakline, Lebanon. He graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor in Architecture from the Lebanese American University in Byblos and went on to acquire a Master’s Degree in Islamic Art and Architecture from the Lebanese American University.

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