Lebanon ranks 9th in the latest world rugby rankings!

The Cedars made us proud again! The latest world rugby rankings were released yesterday, and Lebanon ranks 9th! The Cedars have made a lot of progress since their previous ranking was 18. During this year’s Rugby League World Cup, The Cedars showed a great spirit and a wonderful performance. Even though the team did not win, the players made the Lebanese community proud because it officially


for the Rugby League World Cup which will be held in 2021.

Here are the top 20!

    1. Australia
    2. New Zealand
    3. England
    4. Tonga
    5. Fiji
    6. Samoa
    7. Scotland
    8. France
    9. Lebanon
    10. PNG
    11. Ireland
    12. Wales
    13. Italy
    14. USA
    15. Jamaica
    16. Serbia
    17. Canada
    18. Malta
    19. Russia
    20. Belgium

You can check the full list


! Go Cedars!

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