20+ Pictures That Show A More Developed Lebanon Back In The Days

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With the world moving forwards, it seems that Lebanese often live in the past of the once brilliant golden days. Bogged down by wars and political corruption, Lebanese can only dream of better days.

Today’s young generation has what’s left of a vibrant booming past scattered in pieces around Lebanon – most of which were destroyed or halted due to war.

Abandoned railways, train stations, hotels, an unfinished aquarium, and more, all stand haunted with ghosts of an advanced past that are begging to come to life once again.

Don’t let the old fashion clothes deceive you, these people had a much more advanced experience of Lebanon when it was regarded as ‘Switzerland of the Middle East’ and when Beirut was ‘Paris of the Middle East’.

The Lebanese had tramways in the 30s, possibly even before!

It was easier for people to commute…

Possibly the most striking ‘advances’ that failed to survive to our present time was Lebanon’s well-developed public transportation system.

Lebanon had functional trains we wish existed today

While a large sum of money still gets paid annually to the railway administration, Lebanon struggles with heavy daily traffic jams and many daily car accidents.

The Beirut International Airport was modern, welcoming, and well maintained

The Lebanese population had more money!

The streets of Lebanon were cleaner, neater, and more organized than they are now

There was more appreciation for well-kept public gardens in the city

More open spaces

Lebanese aspired to send a rocket to space! Their opportunities were endless

Lebanese back then had opportunities presented before them which they could bring to life without having to leave the country, such as almost sending a rocket into space.

Today, Lebanon is losing young brilliant minds, including hundreds of doctors and nurses as well as engineers who look for better chances elsewhere and success living abroad.

Lebanon’s beaches were cleaner

Lebanon’s economy in the 60s was the most dynamic in the region

Reference “Economic Dislocation and Recovery in Lebanon, 1995,” IMF report.

Lebanon had a strong macroeconomic position

According to the same report by the IMF, Lebanon’s economy 50 years ago (in the early 1970s) “registered relatively high rates of growth, low inflation, and overall
balance of payments surpluses.”

Lebanon GDP was insignificant


Lebanon today is among the topmost indebted countries in the world, with a 171.67% debt to GDP ratio, projected by Trading Economics to trend in 2021 at around 185%.

The Lebanese have proper electricity around the clock!

Of course, we had tramways!

The Lebanese Pound was strong

During 1957 -1974, “the Lebanese pound appreciated by about 35 percent against the U.S. dollar, and the maximum monthly increase and decrease in the LL/US$ exchange rate were both limited to about 6 percent,” according to an IMF report.

It is no wonder that the Lebanese today are demanding better living conditions, better governance, job opportunities for all, sustainable waste management, proper conservation of the environment, and you name it.

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