MP Melhem Khalaf Slept At The State Security Center, Along With William Noun’s Mother

Melhem Khalaf Just Launched A Rescue Campaign For Lebanon

It was revealed this morning that MP Melhem Khalaf slept overnight at the State Security Center where William Noun has been detained.

Melhem Khalaf gained popularity during Lebanon’s October 17 revolution, later winning the head of the Beirut Bar Association and then being elected as a Change MP in the last parliament elections.

Yesterday, William Noun‘s family house was raided by authorities and he’s been detained ever since.

Protestors closed roads and highways across Lebanon in support. MPs have publicly called this out, with several making their way into the State Security facility to be with William Noun.

Protests have been escalating the last few days over frustrations of stalemate and attempted obstruction of the investigation.

William Noun‘s brother, Joe Noun, was killed in the explosion. He was a firefighter and one of the first to respond during the Beirut Port blast.

A full recap of last night’s events can be found here.

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