Mikati Promised 24/24 Electricity In Lebanon

New Lebanese Government Will Hold Its First Meeting On Monday
Al Jazeera

During a meeting with representatives of production forces held on Monday, Lebanese Prime Minister Mikati promised 24/24 electricity in the long term. He is guaranteeing this perpetual solution by gas and electricity that will be delivered to the country from both Egypt and Jordan, via Syria.

He made sure to explain that the fuel coming from Iraq will secure up to 15 hours of electricity per day, as a short-term solution.

He assures that his promise will be kept, as soon as “technical issues are solved.”

He also assured that the negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are “on the right track” and that there is “full cooperation” with the World Bank in front of one of the world’s worst financial crises. 

He mentioned a sum of $295 million that has been offered by the World Bank in support of public transport, and that monthly cash assistance shall be secured to families in need.

The Beirut Port Explosion and the economic downfall have left the country in need of great recovery.

The trust in the banking sector has been completely lost as people have lost their savings in banks; money they earned from their jobs and years of hard work. 

This makes it difficult for the Lebanese to believe Mikati’s optimistic words regarding a plan for economic recovery set in coordination with the Lazard financial advisory company and that he aims at “protecting the depositors.” 

He emphasizes that his main priority is to help Lebanon exit this crisis that it is suffering from.

Skeptical opinions are surely many, considering all that the Lebanese people have been enduring for too long from their country’s rulers and officials.

That includes the loss of the money they had entrusted the banks with, and the too many unmet promises regarding the citizen basics, like electricity.

However, the Lebanese are also clinging to a shred of hope that Mikati’s intentions for reforms are true and recovery could efficiently start and lead to the much-needed and much-awaited improvement. 

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Mikati Promised 24/24 Electricity In Lebanon

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