10+ Mouthwatering Photos Of Lebanese Food

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For as long as we’ve known, Lebanon has always taken pride in its glorious cuisine.

The fusion of Mediterranean flavors, the Lebanese love for food, their creativity in enhancing recipes, and the variety of specialties of Lebanon’s regions make the Lebanese cuisine the most diverse and popular of all Middle Eastern cuisines. Or so we love to believe.

One thing for sure, photos of Lebanese food don’t even need to be photoshopped to look tempting. They’re simply too mouthwatering already as they are.

Divine Lebanese breakfasts

Always thinking of Lunch

Appetizer heaven!

Tabbouleh that goes straight to the heart

Pickles, the irresistible!

Mashewi galore!

Kibbeh straight from Tayta’s kitchen

Lahem Baajin / Sfeeha

Deconstructed Falafel sandwich

The Hummus that goes the long way

Heaven on a plate

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