10 Lebanese Food You Must Try If You Are Visiting Lebanon For The First Time


Lebanon, the home of hospitality, offers one of the tastiest and healthiest cuisines in the world.

The first thing you’ll probably hear about Lebanon is its expertise in cookery and its immense variety of mouth-watering dishes. If you look closer, you’ll not only fall for the spectacular aspects of its vibrant and freshly mixed ingredients, but you’ll also want to dive right in!

That being said, take a look at these exquisitely famous Lebanese foods that you need to try as soon as you arrive in Lebanon, especially if it’s your first time.


Unicorns in the Kitchen

You’ll find the Lebanese queen of salads in nearly every Lebanese household and on every dinner table. With its fine mix of bulgur, tomato, parsley, cucumber, and a juicy squeeze of lemon, Tabbouleh makes the perfect vegetarian meal and gives you a genuine taste of the Lebanese “mezze”.

If you’re looking to go all Lebanese style, take a piece of lettuce, make a boat shape, and scoop the Tabbouleh right out! Want to go even more traditionally Lebanese? Try it with fresh vine leaves.



You can already feel the crunchiness of the crust, don’t you?

Kibbeh, if you ask any Lebanese person, is out-of-the-world. The crust is a combination of bulgur wheat, onions, and ground meat. Those form a delish and comfy space for a luscious blend of meat, toasted pine nuts, and all-spices.

These are delightful on their own or with Tabbouleh. However, if you want to try a Lebanese household way to enjoy them, dip them in Labneh (or Hummus) as you go!


Goya Foods

This is Lebanon’s finest dip. An appetizing paste of chickpeas (hence the name) and tahini, seasoned with garlic and lemon juice and presented with the glowing shine of the smoothly drizzled extra-virgin olive oil. A dainty delicacy that is also very nutritious.


Fas Kitchen

Manakish are the epitome of Lebanese culture. This is your on-the-go breakfast and the only thing you need to do is go to the closest bakery and ask for a thyme pie or “Mankooshi Zaatar”.

It doesn’t stop here. You can make whatever scrumptious combo you want; thyme and cheese, veggies and cheese, or even a “pizza” pie.


The Arabian Cuisine

Soaked in “Attar” sugar syrup, and topped off with flavorsome greenish pistachios, Knafeh is a sweet delectable dessert made with spun pastry.

You’ll want to taste that cheesy mix with this fusion of playful spices. Pretty much, your taste buds are in for a treat!

These are only a few foods that top the list of the ambrosial Lebanese “meze”. Trust me, these won’t disappoint you. You will want to come right back and try even more of the Lebanese heavenly dishes.


The elegance of strained sour yogurt with the addition of virgin-oil drizzle and an olive on top is just superb.

You can always toast some Lebanese bread and dip it in this simple yet impeccable piece of art. This dish, which is a delight with fresh mint or olives, goes hand in hand with anything that might be present in a Lebanese breakfast.

Warak Enab

Warak Enab is just one more delicacy that graces the Lebanese table and delights the palate. Grape leaves are yet turned into a first-class Lebanese dish, wrapped around a succulent blend of seasoned meat and rice.


Sfiha or “Lahme b Ajeen” is a traditional Lebanese food that is formed of a dough base and a fine filling of meat and toasted pine nuts mix.

It is well-known in Lebanon in its special origin as Sfiha Baalbakieh and it comes in different shapes and sizes.


Deep-fried creamy chickpeas blended with fresh herbs and spices make irresistible vibrant small patties.

These just hit differently. From the crunchiness to the mouthful of senses, it all comes together creating a flawless taste.

The most delicious way to enjoy these succulent patties is drizzled with tahini dressing.


The famous shawarma comes as roasted meat or chicken as the flaming oil slides along.

This Lebanese street food has reached countries abroad as Canada and people loved it!

Whatever you’re planning to do once you visit Lebanon, do this first. Go try these Lebanese dishes and enjoy them to the max!

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