Breaking: PM-Designate Mustapha Adib Just Resigned

Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Adib just announced his resignation on following a cabinet formation deadlock.

This comes nearly a month after he was appointed to the position.

“Forming a government with specialized specifications based on competence and integrity would have allowed President Emmanuel Macron to mobilize the international community to help Lebanon,” the pm-designate issued.

He explained that when he agreed to take his position as prime minister, he was hoping that the political parties would make his mission easier considering that much-needed change is needed in Lebanon as we’re dealing with multiple crises.

“I excuse myself from continuing the task of forming the government,” Adib announced in a televised speech from Baabda Palace after meeting with President Michel Aoun.

“I apologize to the Lebanese people,” he said, stressing that “the French initiative must continue.”

The presidency accepted Adib’s resignation and released a statement that Aoun will take “appropriate measures in accordance with the requirements of the constitution.”

The major obstacle standing in Adib’s way was the Shiite parties Hezbollah and Amal rejecting his proposal to change the sectarian position of the Finance Ministry.

The duo insisted on claiming this position after the Trump administration placed sanctions on two senior politicians linked to Hezbollah – including the ex-finance minister.

The finance ministry has been led by a Shiite since 2014 only, although there’s no constitutional requirement for this.

The Progressive Socialist Party described the obsturcted efforts of Adib to form a cabinet as a “sin” against the Lebanese people.

“What happened is a sin against the Lebanese. Everyone who helped drive Adib’s mission towards his resignation shoulders the responsibility. Everyone is under shock now,” PSP sources told al-Jadeed TV.

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