8 Stunning Nature Reserves In Lebanon

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According to the Ministry of Environment of Lebanon, there are eight classified nature reserves among a multitude of protected areas and sites across the country.

#1 Palm Islands

Off the coast of Tripoli El-Mina, this reserve consists of three uninhabited islands: Palm (Nakhl), Sanani, and Ramkine (Fanar).

It serves as a rare breeding ground for some sea turtles, namely the endangered Loggerhead Turtle.

It also provides a resting place for 156 species of migratory birds including rare and endangered species.

It’s a great place if you love turtles, bird watching, and the sea.

#2 Horsh Ehden

Located in the northern slopes of Mount Lebanon’s western range, this Ehden Forest is home to different species of mammals, birds, and plants.

Located there is the nationally rare and threatened imperial eagle and wolf.

#3 Chouf Biosphere

The Chouf Biosphere is home to many of Lebanon’s cedars, explaining why it is also known as the Chouf Cedar Nature Reserve.

It is also an important reserve for other species. It’s home to 32 species of wild mammals, 200 species of birds, and 500 species of plants.

#4 Tyre Coast

The Tyre Coast Nature Reserve doesn’t only ensure the conservation of its diverse species, but it also covers tourism, agriculture, and archeology.

Many species, including the Arabian Spiny Mouse, wall lizards, and the European badger, take shelter here.

It also serves as an important nesting site for migratory birds, Green Sea turtles, and Loggerhead turtles.

#5 Tannourine Cedar Forest

The reserve of Tannourine holds is the biggest cedar tree forest in Lebanon; the cedars make up 90% of the area.

It is also one of Lebanon’s most popular hiking location.

#6 Yammouneh

The Yammouneh Nature Reserve is located in the Bekaa region and is an important water source, having 84 water springs according to Destination Lebanon.

This area is historically protected as well as legally. It was first declared as a reserve by a Roman emperor who wrote, “I, Emperor Adriano, make the area of Yammouneh a protected reserve and shall forbid anyone to cut Juniper trees therein.”

#7 Bentael

Located northeast of Jbeil (Byblos), Bentael is famous for its woodlands full of pine trees. Many birds drop by during their migration, such as eagles and hawks among others.

#8 Karm Chbat

Located in the Qoubaiyat village in Akkar, Karm Chbat is a reserve for nationally rare animals, such as squirrels, foxes, hyenas, and wild boars.

The area is also rich in various species of trees, such as old cedars, Junipers, Turkish Oak, and more.

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