Tannourine Lebanon In 20 Amazing Photos

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Located 75 km from Beirut in the Batroun district of North Lebanon, Tannourine is truly a heaven on earth. The village was once much neglected but has gained attraction in the last decade.

Today, it’s a go-to destination for tourists and adventurers, who love to camp, hike, and chase stunning waterfalls. In Tannourine, visitors can get an authentic feel of historical Lebanon intertwined with the beauty of nature.

One can also wander through the Tannourine Cedars Forest Nature Reserve, which is home to a rich ecosystem and one of the largest cedar forests in Lebanon.

Balou Balaa

Ranked as one of the World’s 20 Best Waterfalls, the unbelievable Balou Balaa or “Baatara Gorge Waterfall” consists of three naturally formed bridges in a cave/sinkhole. It’s probably the most notable local attraction here.

Famous Baatara Gorge as a winter wonderland is a sight for sore eyes. Definitely a must-see, from afar! Be careful not to get so close to the edge in winter or when the soil is still wet and slippery.

Once the snow melts away, luscious green colors welcome visitors to discover its beauty. Visits are free of charge but you can pay for a zip-line ride to and from the site. You can also rappel down into the limestone cave!

Shimmery Blue Lake

Throughout the year, hiking trips are organized all over Tannourine. There’s so much to see and discover, like this lake. It looks like a great place to camp!

The Flowing River

Away from the city, you can listen to the peaceful sound of the river as the water melts away from the snowy mountains.

And in Autumn, you’ll fall in love with the aesthetic of the fallen yellow leaves and the flowing river.

Heading down the trail of the river, you’ll spot several restaurants built beside the river to create the perfect scene for visitors and tourists.

The Swiss Alps of Lebanon

The rugged mountains in Tannourine channel the Swiss Alps and are nothing short of amazing.

Traditional Houses

In Tannourine you can get a glimpse of some gorgeous Lebanese architecture, like this traditional-style house.

Fun fact: An ancient 500-year-old Lebanese house in Tannourine was once featured on the cover of National Geographic.

Tannourine’s Cedars

Lebanon’s evergreen cedar trees steal the spotlight, forming one of Lebanon’s largest cedar reserves in Tannourine.

Here’s an image which captures the majestic beauty of the site and of the living cedar.

Unleash your inner social media influencer with pictures from this perfect look-out above the reserve!

Starry Nights

At such a high altitude, Tannourine’s mountains make the best site for stargazing and camping.

Already so amazing during the day, the cedar reserve is just as or even more spectacular at night.

Far away from the pollution of city lights, the night sky in Tannourine is so clear to the excitement of all-star lovers.

Look here stargazers, you can clearly see the Milky Way!

Tannourine Sunset

If you’re not staying the night, at least don’t forget to end your day with the best sunset view.

Rising above the clouds, more than 2000 m high, on the peak of Tannourine’s mountains is an unforgettable experience! Incredible sunset!

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