“I Love You In Your Madness” In Large Display At Beirut Airport

Timour Azhari

The slogan that was revealed on November 4th by the Minister of Travel and Tourism, Walid Nassar, has made an official appearance at Lebanon’s airport.

The slogan was publicized through social media campaigns and had already appeared behind a national talk by the Prime Minister, Najib Mikati.

Minister Nassar stated: “This will be our touristic identity that the world will see.”

The slogan was developed cost-free for Lebanon by Dubai-based advertising company TBWA, according to Nassar.

“It was near impossible to find ways to market a country in the grip of multi-layered economic and political crises, but I had found inspiration in Lebanon’s people,” TBWA Chief Creative Officer Walid Kannan said in a statement.

The phrase is now in large display at the airport in Beirut but will also appear on planes of Lebanon’s national carrier Middle East Airlines and will continue to be used in social media campaigns.

Hit Lebanon

Although Lebanon’s economy is troubled by a financial crisis, the country is known for its heyday of nightlife and touristic attractions.

Business owners hope that this slogan will bring a positive change to Lebanon’s tourism industry.

Joseph Barakat, the owner of a travel agency in London, said: “We Lebanese people love to visit our home country no matter what the circumstances are but this phrase definitely excites many more to visit and witness the madness of Lebanon in all aspects.”

Lebanon’s Minister of Travel & Tourism

The phrase is originally part of the lyrics of a famous song by seminal Lebanese singer Fairuz, who sang back then to Lebanon: “However you are, I love you. In your madness, I love you…”

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