Orthodox Bishop of Beirut: Lebanon Ruled by One Person!

Greek Orthodox Bishop of Beirut Elias Audi made a public statement on Sunday in which he said: “The country is being ruled by one person and an armed group.” Bishop Audi’s comments were made during the sermon of the official mass marking the fourteenth anniversary of the assassination of former Editor and Publisher of daily paper An Nahar and prominent political figure, journalist Gebran Tueni.


“This country is being ruled today by one person we all know, and no one speaks of, and by a group that is ruling us by arms,” he added. Bishop Audi called on the Lebanese officials to listen to the voice of the Lebanese people.

The statement earned him a fierce backlash on Twitter from one side and passionate support from another side refusing the insults on Bishop Audi. A Twitter user commented, “He only stated what we the people know.”

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