People Can’t Send Aid From Canada To Lebanon Because Direct Flights Are Banned

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The continuous crisis in Lebanon, and most importantly the blast that affected the country and its people, left the Lebanese in need.

Many lost their loved ones, many lost their homes, their businesses, their belongings, their investments, etc. A whole city was destroyed, and so many people are now struggling to survive.

Everyone in Lebanon or abroad, Lebanese or foreign, rushed to Lebanon’s aid. Canada has been helping, donating $5M in aid, and pledging to match the fundraising efforts of the business leaders’ coalition.

However, the Lebanese-Canadians feel helpless that what they can do for their homeland is limited.

rasamuel/reddit | Hassan Ammar

Karen Hanna started a petition to Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, asking “for Canada to approve and deploy a military cargo aircraft for a humanitarian mission, carrying aid from Canada to the people of Lebanon.”

Canadians, according to her, are requesting a humanitarian flight to leave from Canada to Lebanon or via another country.

Canada does not have an air corridor set up between the two countries. So the only way the Canadian-Lebanese can help aid Lebanon during these tough times is through donations and thru providing dollars. However, they want to be able to do more.

Karen wrote: “We also want to feel that genuinely Canada stands with the Lebanese in their time of need. We want Canadians to put pressure on the Government of Canada to allow a direct humanitarian mission to Lebanon to reach our families and loved ones. Canadians want to join in contributing to the relief efforts happening now.”

You can help by signing the petition here.

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