People From 22 Different Countries Highlined Over Qadisha Valley!

A highlining festival took place in Lebanon from April 23 until April 29. People from 22 different countries highlined over the breathtaking Qadisha Valley!

The slacklines were between 20 meters and 240 meters long and in height from 12 to 100 meters, and the participants also had the opportunity to climb and camp. The athletes crisscrossed the lines and also jumped and did tricks!

Highlining is a niche hobby since it is considered dangerous by many. However, such festivals do an amazing job in introducing the world to new places!

Last year, the American slackliner Alex Mason set up a 36-meter-long Highline, which is 40 meters above sea level, and beat his slacklining record in Raouche!

Alex is the first person in the history of slacklining to cross from one rock to the other! This achievement happened in the heart of Beirut!

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