Lebanese Science Professor Was Just Awarded the Top NARST 2020

Recognized for his professional accomplishments, AUB Professor Saouma BouJaoude was selected to receive the NARST 2020. He was honored accordingly with the “Distinguished Contributions to Science Education through Research Award” (DCRA). 

NARST is a worldwide organization of professionals committed to the improvement of science teaching and learning through research.

Ever since its establishment in 1928, it has worked to promote research in science education and in the communication of knowledge generated by the research.

NARST honored Professor BouJaoude with this prestigious award this year because he has stood out with his contributions to the field of science education.

Among his various contributions, founding and co-founding “some of AUB’s most successful action research programs and collaborations,” according to the university’s website, and numerous published papers in various international journals.

In its website, AUB describes him as the nucleus of science education in the region: “BouJaoude’s dedication to the field of science education has made him the nucleus of science education [in] the Arab region, and an essential bridge between the region and the international science education community.”

Professor BouJaoude graduated from the University of Cincinnati in the United States with a doctorate in science education, before joining AUB in 1988.

He is currently an associate dean at the AUB Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the director of the AUB Center for Teaching and Learning, an associate editor at the Journal of Research in Science Teaching (JRST), and a member of several international associations related to science education research.

He has served as the International Coordinator and Executive Board member of the National Association for Research in Science Teaching.

He has earned various recognitions, among which the 2017 Kuwait Prize for Social Sciences for his contributions to the field of science education; among other recognitions. 

In regards to the NARST 2020 Award this week, AUB President Fadlo Khuri stated, “Saouma is an educator’s educator and a scholar’s scholar. In perusing the previous stellar winners of this award, it is clear that all are in an even greater company now that they have been joined by the matchless Saouma BouJaoude.”

From his side, Professor Boujaoude expressed feeling grateful for the environment and support of the university.

In his words: “AUB has provided [me] with the nourishing and demanding environment along with the support that allowed me to pursue my passion for science education.”

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