Stop Attacking The Women Of The Lebanese Revolution!

There is a certain archaic mindset out there that can’t recognize nor respect a great cause like ours for what it is.

Our people of all ages and all walks of life, without discrimination of any kind, fight the way of a whole nation into manifesting the best vision of the best country they could ever have.

Meanwhile, a category of backward stone-aged people can’t but think with their dirty-minds, and shamefully share their decadent thoughts publicly.

Unable somehow, for some really incomprehensible reason, to see the grandeur of our movement, these people get to pick on our women.

Little as they feel to belittle our brave women, they have shown how despicable some humans could be; ridiculous, pathetic, useless beings, yes, okay, but mainly majorly despicable.

These past days, while the world in its majority applaud our protesters and look at them in awe and well-deserved admiration, some of these vulgar people have taken to social media and blogs to objectify the women of the Lebanese Revolution.

They go on discrediting their patriotic valor, commenting nastily about their shapes and sizes, clothes and make-up, colors and tones, and slandering them for…. “dancing in the streets.”(!)

Before I continue, let me be clear that, while this sounds like gender discrimination, it is only in the selection of the target, for the aggressors of these abusive attacks are from both genders.

They are also from the anti-protest propaganda that has just started, smearing the women of the Lebanese Revolution; just to shame them and get them to leave the protests or force their men to send them back home. (Yes, their number matters significantly.)

This entity, in particular, didn’t think beyond its crooked nose, for it is a whole nation that they are trying to dishonor, because all the nation is in the protests.

Our women are the source of life of our country, the mothers who have been ensuring its perpetuation and seeing to the healthy upbringing of our future generation.

They are the pillars who have kept our communities together and spend sleepless nights caring for the future Lebanese adults who will carry the country forward.

To want to slander them just to stop the evolution of the revolution feels like an open war against the existence of our homeland.

As for the ignorant ones out there who have nothing good to do with their petty existence other than objectifying our brave patriotic women, get some history books to read and educate yourselves.

You might get to feed your empty minds for a change with useful knowledge, among which the fact that women have always been a vital part of endeavors and demonstrations that have advanced countries into a better future.

And Lebanese women have taken similar crucial roles as far back as our first recorded history.

They have always been powerful assets to our nation, whether visible or invisible, from past revolutions to recent ones, whether on the ground claiming their rights or their homeland territory, or contributing to the evolution of a better society.

Our great women protesting today in the streets for the rights of a whole nation to live with dignity are no different than their foremothers in the toughest phases of our long history.

They are true Lebanese and we are so very proud of them. They are carrying the legacy of a valiant nation that has always survived, holding on to their homeland whatever the odds and the challenges.

So when some despicable individuals out there take the ungranted liberty to objectify them and slander them, we don’t take it easy nor let it be, because we are Lebanese and you don’t mess with a Lebanese.

They see themselves so insignificant in front of such an awesome display of determination and courage from our women that they think they can slander them so to feel some self-worth, which they lack.

For it’s always about that. We all know it. Smearing others always surges from a major lack of self-esteem and self-value.

Psst! You can’t even mess with a Lebanese woman; we kick asses!

The worst of all, in my personal opinion, is a video in Arabic on Instagram that has been smearing the fabulous women of the Lebanese Revolution, accusing them of… well… a whole dictionary of insulting words and phrases, some of which could be only found in the Arabic language.

It actually went on and on with the vehement woman hiding behind the video as she slanders and slanders.

For you to know, that video, in particular, is not the work of an amateur. It is obviously funded with quite some money, including its marketing campaign against our women in the protests, as they aim to take it viral.

Now, whatever the despicable and repugnant low level she and whoever behind her went down to, the fact is: It is not going to change who we are of a great nation with highly educated and family-loving women, nor can it stop the revolution.

Lebanese on Instagram have been reporting that smearing video-speech to the platform as “hate speech” and “verbal attacks on people for who they are,” because that is what it is, plain and simple. (You know what to do if you land on it. Be a good Lebanese).

They are inciting hate and trying to shame our people ta yendabbo, and end the revolution. Well, tough luck. It’s not going to happen.

They don’t like our women protesters. We wear trendy jeans and are outspoken. They think it’s indecent, immoral, and provocative. What do you think, Western friends? Are we?

And, yes, our women can also fly, to protest even from the skies! How indecent and immoral you think this is?

To the woman going so passionately attacking our women in that video-speech, and to ALL those who are doing the same with articles online and comments on social media, discrediting us and trying to shame our quest for our basic rights, I tell you this on behalf of my awesome people:

We fully understand that your offenses are not about us but about you and who you are. We seriously don’t care how you feel about us; that’s your problem. Get help.

We neither care that who we are bothers you so much that you can’t sleep. Try some Valium. We also don’t care a single bit that you deem freedom of speech and freedom of expression to be awful sins. We left that mentality behind ages ago. Try to catch up.

We, the people of Lebanon, are simply wonderful. You cannot fathom that, I get it. Because only people like us can. You cannot comprehend that, when we get oppressed and deprived, we stand up for our rights. We always did, and always will do. It goes beyond your limited understanding; I know.

You believe our women are such awful humans? Don’t come over to Lebanon, you are not invited. And don’t hang on watching everything we do these days. It isn’t healthy for your little mind. It could drive you crazy.

And yes, the women of the Lebanese Revolution are super awesome, and we salute them!

We the people of Lebanon have spoken, on the grounds, across the world, and in the skies. We stand proud and strong against all aggressions, claiming what’s ours by rights, honoring our flag, our cedars, and our values; men and women alike.

!ويا جبل ما يهزك ريح

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