Another Subsidized Lebanese Product Found Again In Sierra Leone


Lebanon woke up to a brand new scandal of government-subsidized goods from Lebanon found abroad.

The latest is a finding of a whole shelf of Lebanese Cafe Najjar coffee in Sierra Leone, a country in West African that is home to a large population of Lebanese.

However, this coffee brand is supported by the Lebanese government for people struggling with the economic crisis and skyrocketing prices in Lebanon – and certainly not for people abroad.

Coffee is essential in every Lebanese household but, today, it is becoming less affordable and harder to come by.

This smuggling of Lebanese subsidized products doesn’t stop at coffee.

Other basic products such as labnehricecheese, and more were found being sold in other countries in Africa, in Turkey, Sweden, Kuwait, EnglandSyria, and presumably more…

Last month, a Lebanese shopper came across even subsidized lentils in Sierra Leone as well.

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