Watch This Group Swim From Cyprus To Lebanon

Watch 6 Swimmers Cross 180 KM From Cyprus To Lebanon For The Environment

In 2019, 6 swimmers traversed the waters between Cyprus and Lebanon to raise awareness on the impact of single-use plastics on the sea.

The event was organized by TAQA, a Lebanon-based environment-friendly bakery that produces healthy snacks.

On October 17th, at 1:45 PM, Soumaya Merhi (founder of TAQA), Jad El-Ghosn, Diane Boulos, Mary Anne Ballouz, Martin Mougharbil, and May Timani departed from Cape Greco, marking the beginning of their exceptional endeavor.

Their goal was to cross 180 km of open water to their finish point in Batroun, and they did just that, in just 2.2 days, reaching the northern coastal city on October 19th, 2019, at 5:35 PM.

In that period, each swimmer covered an average distance of 30 km – equivalent to 3 full marathons – according to TAQA, which recently released a short movie celebrating the achievement.

“This Sea Feeds Me”

The traverse was the first-ever open-water, non-stop relay swim to take place from Cyprus to Lebanon.

Together, the 6 swimmers set a record of 51 hours and 50 minutes for the crossing.

The award-winning 10-minute short marking the event was produced by TAQA and directed by Edwin El-Bainou, who accompanied the team on their extraordinary journey back in 2019.

The production follows the swimmers’ progress as they cross the sea, both in the daytime and after sunset, and treats viewers to beautiful shots of the calm Mediterranean.

It also sheds light on the main focus behind the “180-km Open-Water Swim Traverse from Cyprus to Lebanon,” which is the dangers of single-use plastics and their serious impact on the sea.

You can watch the captivating movie below:

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