School Teacher Hitches Motorcycle Ride From Student After She Couldn’t Fuel Her Car (Video)

@rama_leb | Zawya

When a school teacher couldn’t find anywhere to fill fuel her car, she had no choice but to hitch a motorcycle ride from one of her students.

This video, taken in the southern town of Srifa in Lebanon, shows just one example of what Lebanese are going through in these dire times.

People are resorting to doing things they would have never imagined, like teaching their online class from their car while waiting at gas stations or from the streets for lacking electricity or for dealing with slow or no internet.

The Lebanese are just pushing forward against the storm of crises to keep going with a shred of normality there where the abnormal has become the norm.

Some are even sleeping overnight in their cars lining up outside of gas stations to make sure they can fuel their cars.

People cannot afford to miss work and cannot afford to wait all day in mile-long queues to fill their gas tanks. Sleeping overnight in their cars appears to many as the only “normal” solution.

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