This Lebanese Singer Just Created a Song with YouTube Star Kurt Schneider

Do you know what’s more impressing than a magical voice? Let me tell you! A Lebanese magical voice. Michel Nassar, a Lebanese Business Developer by career and a Self-taught Artist by passion, holds a mesmerizing voice that he uses in making cover-songs for renowned artists, including Sia, Coldplay, and Ed Sheeran, and just recently he collaborated with one of the top-followed YouTube Star, Kurt Schneider, which channel counts some 12.3 million subscribers. 


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Born and raised in Beirut, Michel Nassar grew up with a passion for music. After graduating from Lycée Ashrafieh, he got a bachelor’s degree in Economics from AUB. For his Master’s, Michel went all the way to France to get a degree of International Business from Grenoble École de Management. 

However, Michel would not relinquish his life dream. With his Master’s Degree in hand, he went on applying to all the music companies in France “as a businessman,” he said. “And now I am in a big brand, and I am more and more surrounded by celebrities and connections. But making it in this company wasn’t easy. I had to work very hard.”


Indeed, Michel would spend endless nights working very late to prove his worth in the company until he got hired. “The music industry doors are open [to me] at least – maybe not as a singer yet – but it’s still a big step. But I am still working very hard until my situation stabilizes,” Michel explained to us.

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That company Michel currently works for, is none other than the famous Music Technology brand Arturia, which specializes in the development of music software and hardware for professional and amateur musicians.


A Business Developer as an Area Sales Manager for the brand covers 30 countries and also includes YouTube Relations, which has gotten him to learn a lot, as he told us. “One of the main things I learned is PR and Product Launches. This is a very privileged and useful experience for me!” 

Michel shared with us, “Music was always a big part of my life.” At the age of 13, he participated in numerous concerts with the Lebanese band Heartbeat, formed mainly from doctors and some top artists, including Aline Lahoud and Anthony Touma. The band offered financial support to children in need of open-heart surgery in Lebanon, and Michel was all into helping with his talent.

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At the age of 17, Michel got the second prize in Lebanon in La Chanson Francophone, a contest done by the French Embassy for students in all French-speaking schools, including Jamhour, Lycées, College Protestant, Nazareth, etc.

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By the age of 18, he has done over 100 live performances in Lebanon, including those in weddings, charity concerts, gala dinners, fashion shows, churches, choirs, and Accapella bands.


Despite all that local success and his extraordinary voice, which he masters beautifully perfect, Michel Nassar had no much encouragement in Lebanon to pursue a singing career and was led into an economics’ education and business career instead.

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However, he would not let go of his dream and passion. While studying, he taught himself and trained himself to become a professional artist, and went on releasing 2 singles, which he produced and directed with very minimal funds: Starry Nights and Unbroken Shackles


In 2013, Michel Nassar went on to win AUB’s Got Talent in the presence of renowned judges such as Nadine Labaki, Aline Lahoud, Nemer Abou Nassar, and George Khabbaz. Three years later, in 2016, he won the Grenoble’s Got Talent.

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With such great experience in the Music Industry, Michel decided that he could go even further. “I started believing that I could go much further with my career and launched my youtube channel,” Michel told us.


He hence launched his YouTube Channel and went creating Cover Songs, sharing them from his channel. Among them, a Cover of Sia and Maitre Gims, and a Cover of Hallelujah, and more.

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When we asked Michel about his exceptional collaboration with Kurt Schneider, this is what he told us, “I have been a fan and follower of Kurt Schneider since the age of 15. He’s basically the reason why I have started my own Youtube Channel. Kurt is known for being one of the first and most popular YouTuber cover artists in the industry today.”


Indeed, Kurt Schneider -an American musician, singer, and songwriter- has over 3 Billion views on youtube and over 12.3 Million subscribers.

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Just last month, in August, Michel had the unique opportunity to show Kurt some of his musical works, and Kurt agreed to have him in one of his videos, which brought Michel to take the first flight to Los Angeles to film the song cover. “I had barely 2 days to prepare it!” Michel shared with us, and yet he went for it fully.


So it is that Kurt and Michel have just co-created a very unusual video that is certainly a must-watch. Recently uploaded on Kurt’s Youtube Channel, the video hit 350,000 views in just one day, and the number keeps growing!

It is worth pointing out that Michel has reached this point by defying great disappointments and challenges, refusing to give up on his passion and dream. While turning into a businessman by societal influence, he was adamant to self-evolve into the professional artist he was born to be with such a magical voice. Let’s give you a taste of it before we tell you more:


Lebanon might not be the best ground for aspiring artists like Michel Nassar but our country certainly produces great talents with relentless determination to live their passion and attain their dream; even if it takes them to seek it wherever life takes them… or wherever they decide to take their life to.

Michel Nassar is one of them, and we can’t wait to see him shining fully among the big international stars as he truly deserves.

When you are a born with a unique talent, you can’t but challenge the societal norms and defy the path set for you, in pursuit of your own dream. As Michel Nassar always says, “Music is why I breathe!” 


And here is the must-watch unique video Michel Nassar and Kurt Schneider co-created and that has started to go viral. If you don’t want to know how this unique music was created from a potato, -yes you heard right, a potato- you can skip to Michel’s song at 8:29 (don’t miss it!)


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