Top 10 excuses Lebanese people use!

Lebanese people have the same excuses for every situation. All of the excuses below are real, but you use them to cover yourself from time to time.

“I got stuck in the elevator.”

Blame the electricity.

“I got stuck in traffic.”

It’s true most of the times, but sometimes you make that up.

“I ran into the neighbor.”

The excuse all Lebanese mothers use when they spend an hour in the supermarket while they just want to buy two items.

“The cab driver was late.”

No, he wasn’t late. You just spend a lot of time in front of the mirror.

“There wasn’t hot water.”

How many times were you late to an appointment/ school/ work because you had to wait for the water to get heated?

“My *insert relative* died.”

That’s mean, but we all did this at least once in our lives. Some relatives died more than once.

“I was at my cousin’s wedding yesterday and I couldn’t get up early in the morning.”

We have a lot of relatives, and a lot of weddings to attend. Plus, Lebanese weddings rock, we cannot simply wake up early!

“The internet stopped working.”

How many times did you submit an assignment late because the internet stopped working/ was too slow? The struggle is real.

“My school uniform is still in the laundry.”

You must have pretended at least once that your school uniform was still in the laundry because there was no electricity to wash it just to wear regular clothes at school. This was when you started channeling your inner rebel.

Blaming daylight saving time

This excuse worked before; smartphones automatically adjust the time.

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