BBC Just Made Another Video In Lebanon – This Time About Pimps, Prostitutes & Refugees

Not too long ago, BBC Pop Up produced a video in Lebanon about the ‘Lebanese Pablo Escobar, hey covered the issue and topic of drugs in Lebanon – getting various perspectives; the drug lord’s, the user’s as well as the police’s.

BBC Pop Up just released another video in Lebanon. This time covering the topic of pimps and prostitutes as well as how Syrian refugees are playing a part in it.

In the video, they meet with Lebanon’s “most famous” pimp who runs a Super Night Club (basically a strip club) and manages, mostly foreign (Eastern European), prostitutes.

They also got to see how many Syrian refugees are becoming prostitutes either due to financial hardships, getting lured into it by pimps and other prostitutes, as well as being forced into it through human trafficking.

The BBC Pop Up got to join the Lebanese police in sting operation lasting all night. They were luring in pimps and prostitutes then ambushing them to arrest them. This continues one after another, all night long.

BBC Pop Up is doing a great job covering controversial and often taboo topics that we, as Lebanese, do our best to either not talk about or pretend it doesn’t exist.

It’s interesting the “agreement” that foreign “cabaret” workers have to agree to where they are locked up in their hotel rooms from 5 am to 1 pm. This was done for their protection and to limit prostitution.  

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