Here Are All The Voting Locations For The Lebanese Elections In Europe

Updated May 7th 2022

Lebanon Elections 2022 is edging close for the Lebanese diaspora, set to take place on May 6th and 8th, which will be followed by the Election Day in Lebanon on May 12th.

88 voting centers will be ready in 19 cities across Europe to receive the Lebanese voters aiming to make a difference in the coming Elections 2022.

Notably, France and Germany have the biggest number of centers; 40 in France, and 30 in Germany.

Registered voters will be provided with a link by the Lebanese Ministry of Interior and Municipalities to check their electoral code, the address of their Polling Location, and the polling station number.

Voters are advised to check the website of their embassy in their country of residence for the link in case they don’t receive it by email.

Voters should ensure to have their Lebanese ID card (plastic) or a valid Lebanese passport (Biometric or blue Navy) to present at the polling station.

If your passport has expired, you can renew it the soonest to be able to cast your vote. These are being renewed “Strictly for Voting.”

Here is the list of the voting centers across Europe:

– Afamia Festlokal, Storas Industrigata, Angered, Gothenburg.
– Colosseum, Masugnsvagen, Bromma, Stockholm.
– Emilstropsgatan, Malmo.
– Sdergatan, Heisingborg.

Ecole Communale de Saint Job, Rue Jean Benaets, Uccle, Bruxelles,

Lebanese Embassy in Holland, Frederikstraat 2, The Hague.

– Centro Civic Joan Oliver, Centro Comandant Benitez, Barcelona.
– Centro De Mayores Benito Perez Galdos, Avenida Cuidad Barcelona, Barcelona.

Lebanese Embassy in Warsaw, Staroscinska, Warsaw.

The Convention Centre, Spencer Dock, North Wall, Dublin.

– St. Raphael Resort, Amathountos Avenue, Limassol.
– Lebanese Embassy in Nicosia, Chious St., Nicosia.

Lebanese Embassy in Austria, Oppolzergasse, Wien, Austria.

The United Kingdom and Northern Ireland:
– Our Lady of Lourdes & Saint Vincent de Paul Church Hall, Maida Hill, London.
– Lebanese General Consulate, Palace Garden Mews, London.
– British Community Center, Brighton Grove, Birch-in-Rusholme, Manchester.

– Conference Hall, Kobenhavn NV, Denmark.
– Holstebro, Asagarden, Holstebro, Denmark.

Embassy of Lebanon, Kifisas Ave., Neo Psychico, Athens.

Lebanese Embassy in Hungary, Budapest.

Consulate of Lebanon, Moscow, Russia.

– Altrex Haus Business Park, Stuttgart (Weilimdorf).
– Atlantic Hotel, Wiener Str., Bremen.
– AWO Julius-Leber-Haus Meistersingerstr., Essen.
– Ballsaal Leipzig Helenenstr., Leipzig.
– Begegnungsstatte Falckensteinstrabe, Falckensteinstr., Berlin.
– Burgerhaus Dudweiler, Am Markt, Saarbucken.
– Burgerhaus Neckarstadt-West, Lutherstr., Mannheim.
– Burgerhaus, Zahringen Lameystr., Freiburg.
– City Club Hotel Oldenburg, Europaplatz, Oldenburg.
– Factory Hotel An der Germania, Brauerei, Munster.
– Intercity Hotel Dortmund, Katharinestr., Dortmund.
– IntercityHotel Braunschweig Willy-Brandt-Platz, Braunschweign.
– Kirche Der Kath. St. Wendel, Schutzenhuttengasschen, Frankfurt Am Main.
– Ludwig-Erhard-Allee, Duesseldorf.
– Tiergarten Str., Hannover.
– LWL-Preubenmuseum Minden Simeonsplatz, Minden.
– Mercure Hotel HamburgAmsinckstr., Hamburg.
– Stadtschloss Moabit/Moabiter Ratschlag e.V.Rostocker St., Berlin.
– Lebanese Embassy in Berlin, Berliner Str., Berlin.
– Lebanese Honorary Consulate, Gassnerstr., Munchen.

– Ferme Sarasin, Chemin Edouard-Sarasin, Le Grand-Sacconex, Bern.
– Novotel Zurich City West Hotel, Schiffbaustrasse, Zurich.
– Quartierzentrum Wittigkofen, Jupiterstrasse, Bern.

– Embassy of Lebanon, Via Glacomo Carissimi, Roma.
– Centro Anziani Ricordi, Via Ruggero Boscovich, Milano.

Immeuble Central Parc, Boulevard Prince Henri.

Lebanese Embassy in Romania, Pitar Mos St., Bucharest.

– Salle Daniel Leroy, Rue Simone Signoret, Amiens.
– Espace Vasarely – Place des Anciens Combattants d’Afrique du Nord, Antony.
– Salle Elsa Triolet-Aragon, Bezons.
– La Maison de l’International, Rue du Carpon, Brest.
– Maison de Quartier, Salle 2, Caen.
– Champs Sur Marne, Salle Jean Hallais, Champs Sur Marne.
– Salle 4, Mairie de Compiègne, Place de l’Hotel de Ville, Compiègne.
– Maison Des Associations De Créteil Sise, Rue Francois Mauriac, Créteil.
– Salle Municipale du Cromois, Avenue du Parc, Quetingy.
– Cave des Célestines, Rue des Célestines, Lille.
– L’Hotel de Ville, Place d’Armes, Metz.
– Le Carré des Associations, Rue Vauban, Mulhouse.
– Salle de l’Orangerie, Rue du Captaine Guynemer, Nancy.
– Salle de Doulon, Boulevard Louis Millet, Nantes.
– Maison des Associations, Boulevard du Mont d’Est, Noisy Le Grand.* (Address changed by the Interior Minister’s decision, see below for new location).
– Salle Gauguin, Route de Saint Mesmin, Orleans. * (Address changed by the Interior Minister’s decision, see below for new location).
– Salle des fêtes de la Mairie, Place du Panthéon, Paris.
– Salle des fêtes de la Mairie, Rue Peclet, Paris.
– Salle des fêtes de la Mairie, Avenue Henri Martin, Paris.
– Salle des fêtes de la Mairie, Rue des Batignoles, Paris.
– Salle Goulin, Rue de la Neuvillette, Reims.
– Maison Internationale De Rennes, Quai Chateaubriand, Rennes.
– Halle aux Toiles, Place de la Basse Vieille Tour, Rouen.
– Salle du Colombier, Rue du Président Roosevelt, Saint Germain El Laye.
– Villa Schitzenberger, Allée de la Robertsau, Strasbourg.
– Salle des fête de la Mairie, Rue Carnot, Suresnes.
– Salle Champ Girault, Rue Jean Bernard Jacquemin, Tours.
– Ecole Fleury Marié, Rue Pierre Lescot, Versailles. * (Address changed by the Interior Minister’s decision, see below for new location).
– Centre Rémy Nainsouta, Bd Legitimus, Pointe-à-Pitre.
– Salle du Forum, Route Charles Perrault, Poisy.
– Salle Amédée Larrieu – Place Amédée Larrieu, Bordeaux.
– Maison de Quartier de Champfleury, Salle Chanteranne, Clermont-Ferrand.
– Salle Festive de la Maison des Habitants, Rue du Vieux Temple, Grenoble.
– Maison Ravier, Rue Ravier, Lyon.
– Consulat Général du Liban a Marseille, Marseille.
– Maison des Relations Internationales, Descente en Barrat, Montpellier.
– Gymnase Brancolar, Avenue de Seilern, Nice.
– Salons de Blossac, Rue de la Tranchée, Poitiers.
– Salle Saint-Michel, Grande Rue Saint Michel, Toulouse.
– Maison pour Tous de Fontbarlettes, Rue Charles Gounod, Valence.

Editorial note: May 7th: Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi changed the addresses of voting stations in Versailles, Orleans, and Noisy-le-Grand. The new locations are as follows:

  • In Versailles: Marie Fleury School, 5 Rue Solferino.
  • In Orleans: Salle Gauguin, 36 bis Avenue de Saint Mesmin.
  • Noisy-le-Grand: House of Law, 111 Piazza Mont d’Est.


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