Fuel Prices In Lebanon Were Increased Today… Here Are The Details

Lebanon Just Raised Fuel Prices Again Ahead Of Total Subsidy Removal

The fuel prices in Lebanon have been increased once again.

The news prices are as follows:

  • 20 liters of 95-octane is 304,000 LL – increased by 1,300 LL
  • 20 liters of 98-octane is 313,400 LL – increased by 700 LL
  • 20 liters of diesel is 282,500 LL – increased by 11,800 LL
  • A tank of cooking gas – 244,000 LL

This comes exactly two weeks after the previous increase in fuel prices – a pattern repeating almost on a weekly basis.

The Central Bank of Lebanon first lifted subsidies in August and started offering credit lines for fuel imports using the market rate.

Meanwhile, the minimum wage in Lebanon is still set to 675,000 LL making basic necessities out of reach for many Lebanese.

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