Jordan Is Sending Lebanon Medical Help Following Akkar Explosion

Al Makraziya

The King of Jordan, Abdallah II assured that his country will be helping Lebanon by sending medical aid to assist with the impact of the Akkar explosion.

In a meeting with Caretaker Minister of Defense and Exterior Affairs Zeina Akar, the King of Jordan said that his country will stand with Lebanon during these tough times and that he will be sending all kinds of aid including medical help that Lebanon’s hospitals desperately need to treat victims.

King Abdallah II also expressed his sadness towards the disaster that happened in Akkar and sent his condolences to the families of the victims.

Jordan has always stood next to Lebanon during its darkest periods as it had sent planes carrying humanitarian aid to Beirut following the port explosion last year.

Lebanese hospitals currently need all the help they can get as they are dangerously unequipped to treat the severe burns of the many victims that were affected by Akkar’s deadly explosion.

Those hospitals have been appealing for urgent help for the past year because they are suffering a shortage in medical supplies that is showing its full effects now.

Calls for urgent help are seen all over social media asking anyone coming to Lebanon to bring much-needed medical supplies used to treat severe burns.