Lebanon’s Depositors Association Called For A Crisis Cell To Solve The Deposits File


In a statement published after multiple raids of banks, the Depositors Association in Lebanon questioned the manner in which the state and the banks are dealing with the depositors and the banking crisis.

It revealed in the statement that it had previously tried to reach a solution that does justice to the depositors with the Association of Banks but that the latter had announced at the time that it is not interested in finding a solution for depositors and that the solution lies with the Lebanese government.

The Association of Depositors asked why Lebanese banks have lent funds to successive Lebanese governments, knowing that the Lebanese state suffers from rampant corruption and a waste of its financial resources.

It wondered why the Lebanese banks are taking illegal measures to humiliate the depositors who claim their lives, such as refusing to deposit checks in the accounts and threatening to close the accounts, especially for expatriate depositors, in addition to not paying the full salaries to employees when they are due.

Finally, the Depositors Association clarified its position by rejecting the manner in which banks, the Lebanese government, and the Parliament deal with depositors.

It called to form a crisis cell to solve the deposits file as soon as possible and without delay because any delay will result in repeated confrontations with each accused of stealing deposits of residents and expatriates.

It’s worth mentioning that four banks were raided today, BLC bank in Bekaa, First National Bank (FNB) in Tripoli, Byblos Bank In Tyre, and the Intercontinental Bank of Lebanon (IBL) in Hazmieh, Baabda.

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