Lebanon Ranked 4th in the World for Math and Science Education

The quality of education in Lebanon has always excelled. That’s why many of the Lebanese who emigrate abroad, particularly to North America, find the schooling system to be easy.


One of the reasons is that the majority of our students are in private schools. Another reason is that the bar is set really high by society, and the grading system is strict.

Many countries have a failing grade as low as 50% (anything above 50% is considered a pass). While others have a policy set where no one is left behind, even if they fail. This affects the quality of education.


According to Spectator Index, our beloved Lebanon is ranking 4th worldwide in regards to Math and Science. Lebanon is the only Middle Eastern country that made it to the top 5 of the list preceded by Singapore, Finland, Switzerland respectively and the Netherlands coming in 5th. 

Via Spectator Index


This comes as really impressive news to Lebanese citizens and citizens all over the world. Lately, the government has been working tirelessly to perfect education quality around the country and it has paid off incredibly. For a country with a population of 6 million, 2 million of them being refugees, this climb to the top of the charts – not nationally but internationally – is nothing short of exceptional.  

Despite the increase in corruption, social issues, ethnic and political quarrels, the primitive infrastructures, and absence of patriotism, Lebanon’s focus on improving education and helping it prosper ignites hope in the heart of its citizens concerning the overall development of the country.


This is an extraordinary step forward in Lebanon’s academic quality excellence. The plethora of different education systems, curricula, equipment, and improved methods and equipment, Lebanon is guaranteeing a bright future and cementing its position as a resilient, advancing state to be reckoned with.

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