People Of Mixed Ethnicities Are Sharing Their Childhood Experiences Growing Up In Lebanon


In Lebanon, many people are now interested to find out more about the perspective of mixed-race people and their experiences in the country.

Redditor U/yellowismyfavecolour has brought up this topic to discuss the childhood experiences of people of mixed ethnicities who grew up in Lebanon.

One of the Redditors, u/janetutali-baw, shared their experience, saying that it was hard for them to make friends and to fit in, adding: “The community I was in made me feel like an outsider. Quite confused about who and what I was.”

The Redditor went on to explain: “Now after a lot of trial and error, I found my people. As for relationships, yes also quite hard to find someone who understands both aspects of your identity. So dating other mixed people made me feel understood compared to just dating pure Lebanese.”

Some, however, have had a good experience and endorse a positive attitude. This is reflected in a comment by Redditor u/Rameaudor, who said that it was “pretty dope actually” as to have mixed culture means that one can have the ability to travel to see different cultures and a new perspective, which “is eye-opening.”

Lebanon and the Lebanese people have always endorsed a relatively open attitude to different cultures, despite the existent random racism that is little spoken of; until now.

Just recently, Dalal Hoballah, a Lebanese-Congolese candidate participated in Miss Lebanon 2022, breaking the stereotypes revolving around mixed races.

Dalal succeeded in becoming the 4th Runner-Up at the pageant ceremony.

On Tuesday, Senegalese model Mouhamed Niane shared a funny self-video on TikTok about his first school day experience and how students in Lebanon generally act with people of color.

Many considered the viral video spot-on, as it focuses on the “casual racism” in Lebanon.

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