These 7 Posters Of Old Lebanon Are A Blast From The Past!

Everything is interesting about

old Lebanon


old Beirut

! The


the houses, the

tourism videos

, and even the vintage posters! We found vintage posters of concerts, advertisements, exhibitions, movies, and plays that will step you back in time!

#1 Oum Koulsoum’s Concert

Baalbeck International Festival presents on the 8


and the 11


of July: Oum Koulsoum.

#2 Trips to Jerusalem with Middle East Airlines

  3 daily flights to Jerusalem! The departure is from Beirut: – 7:30 AM – 10:30 AM (new flight) – 2:30 PM

#3 A play starring Antoine Kerbaj

The star Antoine Kerbaj. “A liar on request”. A social, critical, funny, and musical play.

#4 Exhibition at Nicolas Sursock Museum

Nicolas Sursock Museum. Special Lebanese collections of Islamic art. From the 31


of May till the 15


of July 1974.

#5 A collaboration of Lebanese giants in the theater industry

“At your service”. A play by Antoine Kerbaj. Music: Ziad Rahbani. Costumes: Papou Lahoud.

#6 A Lebanese movie featuring stars

Petra Film presents the big performance: Lebanon at Night (in original colors). Scenario and film direction by Mohammad Salman. Featuring Sabah, Samira Toufic, and Najwa Fouad.

#7 One of Fairouz’s best plays

Fairouz. The Ring Seller. Directed by Youssef Chahine.