These 7 Posters Of Old Lebanon Are A Blast From The Past!

Everything is interesting about old Lebanon and old Beirut! The tramway, the houses, the tourism videos, and even the vintage posters! We found vintage posters of concerts, advertisements, exhibitions, movies, and plays that will step you back in time!

#1 Oum Koulsoum’s Concert

Baalbek International Festival presents on the 8th and the 11th of July: Oum Koulsoum.

#2 Trips to Jerusalem with Middle East Airlines

3 daily flights to Jerusalem! The departure is from Beirut: – 7:30 AM – 10:30 AM (new flight) – 2:30 PM

#3 A play starring Antoine Kerbaj

The star Antoine Kerbaj. “A liar on request”. A social, critical, funny, and musical play.

#4 Exhibition at Nicolas Sursock Museum

Nicolas Sursock Museum. Special Lebanese collections of Islamic art. From the 31st of May till the 15th of July 1974.

#5 A collaboration of Lebanese giants in the theater industry

“At your service”. A play by Antoine Kerbaj. Music: Ziad Rahbani. Costumes: Papou Lahoud.

#6 A Lebanese movie featuring stars

Petra Film presents the big performance: Lebanon at Night (in original colors). Scenario and film direction by Mohammad Salman. Featuring Sabah, Samira Toufic, and Najwa Fouad.

#7 One of Fairouz’s best plays

Fairouz. The Ring Seller. Directed by Youssef Chahine.

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