A Student In Lebanon Is Being Sued For Testing Positive During Exams

Lebanese University (Photo used for illustrative purpose only)

Students going back to school during the pandemic has been a highly controversial matter. This is especially true in Lebanon, where the number of COVID-19 cases is now at its highest.

The increase in cases is as alarming as to prompt the Lebanese government to postpone the start of the new school year till October 12th. From their side, the teachers, according to their syndicate, are ready to resume in-person education while taking the necessary health measures and precautions.

However, many students and parents are still shaky on the idea.

This fear reached its peak this week when a Lebanese student, identified as A.A. from the southern town of El-Habarieh, took the official exams despite testing positive for COVID-19.


This student took her exams in-person in Nabatieh on September 21st and 22nd. On the 24th, she came back to the exam center to submit her positive PCR test results to the head of the center.

The head of the center immediately alerted the examination department which, according to follow-up sources, informed the student that a lawsuit is being filed against her with the Public Prosecution.

Reportedly, the student and those who had interacted with her during the two days of the exams stated that she had shown no symptoms whatsoever of being infected.

The teachers, who supervised the exams, are now in quarantine.