This Lebanese Designer Is Putting His Grandma’s Artworks On Handbags

I always try to give recognition where recognition is due, and this is one of those times. Usually, everyone recognizes famous Lebanese designers around the world, and recognizes their respective tastes. This article is to shed light on an upcoming designer who not only designs bags but pays it to his Lebanese homage.


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Youssef El Hadi is a Lebanese bag designer of a line called Celia Creations. It’s safe to safe that someone has helped him design these brands; and that is Celia herself, his late grandma. Celia’s paintings embody the true and authentic Lebanon. Her paintings portray Lebanon’s villages, mountains, cities, and people.

Fun Fact: The logo is actually Celia’s signature in her handwriting!


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Youssef recalls going to his grandmother’s house and feeling like he is in a museum, which is exactly what it is today. Celia’s house was transformed into a museum, which opening was honored by the Lebanese Ministry of Culture.

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Youssef wanted to keep his grandmother’s name alive, so he came up with the initiative of placing replicas of the paintings of his late grandmother on vegan and leather-free handbags.

The picture below is the image of the man Celia loved.

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Youssef manages to incorporate everything Lebanese and Celia related. For instance, the embroidery on the bags is hand-stitched by a woman from Celia’s village, Bzebbdine. Also, all manufacturing is Lebanon based. The bags are all crafted one by one, and each one is hand-made.

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The creation of his bags pays indeed homage to Youssef’s artistic grandmother and reflects his respect and love for her, and also for Lebanon.


Youssef states that the least he can do to keep his grandmother’s’ love for Lebanon and art alive is to produce these animal-friendly bags that allow his customers to always have a piece of beloved Lebanon on their arm.

That art, which his grandmother Celia had learned through fine and articulate details manifesting the beauty of Lebanon, he desires to share it through his creative handbags and purses.

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