Video: A First of Its Kind Art Museum in Beirut!

Beirut is the capital of arts in the Middle East and one of the major design cities in the world. A new art museum in Lebanon, the Beirut Museum of Art (BeMA), will be the hub of Lebanese creations, and modern and contemporary art. The museum will house exhibition spaces and a photography gallery. Also, BeMA is where you will find the talent of Lebanese people gathered in one place. This museum will introduce the cultural wealth of Lebanon to local as well as international visitors. However, BeMA is not a museum in the traditional sense of the term. It will have a performance center and a digital arts laboratory. The museum will also host workshops and will organize guided visits to not only introduce the visitors to the center but also to educate them in many spheres of arts. The first of its kind in Lebanon, visitors at BeMA will have the opportunity to witness the blooming talent of Lebanese people as well as to engage in educational and self-development activities. BeMA is due to launch in 2020.

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