10 Dazzling Bridal Gowns by Lebanese Designer Zuhair Murad

As we are about to enter fashion week around the world, we can’t but be in thrilling expectation at what our top Lebanese designers are going to showcase for us this year on the international fashion stage.

Among them, Zuhair Murad, who has given his own name to haute couture, especially to outstanding bridal designs.

And here are 10 Lebanese brides who have worn his dazzling designs:  

#1 Nathalie Nasrallah

This newlywed bride wore Zuhair Murad on her big day! She looked so pure in white, while her bridesmaid Nadine Nassib Njeim by her side also glowed in a stunning turquoise gown by Zuhair Murad.

#2 Caline Debhany

An absolutely gorgeous gown designed by Zuhair Murad brings the term bride to a higher level; a dream-like glorious one. 

#3 Sarah Bachir

This bridal dress is a true classic; a simple cut yet not so simple look, enhanced as the gown is with that glittery corset which embellishments spread all through down the dress. 

#4 Yasmina Obeid

Another bridal dress which embellishment defies the simplicity of the classic cut, embellishment that speaks of thousands of stars on the bustier and all over the ivory-beige fabric. 

#5 Rasha Abdallah

Zuhair Murad married perfectly well here the classic cut with an asymmetric style, producing a beautifully different bridal gown than the usual. The richness of the blends well with the overall look, avoiding flashiness, while that stunningly beautiful veil gives the bride a look of a Spanish princess. 

#6 Yasmine Malouh

Wow! Zuhair Murad really outdid himself with this impressively queenly gown! An outstanding piece of art, superbly embroidered, femininely off-shoulders and backless, and gloriously voluminous.  Zuhair Murad has got us hooked with this wedding dress embodying elegance, beauty, and class.

#7 Ghenwa Hamdoun

It is all sparkles and shimmers for this romantic bridal dress of simple cut, naked back, voluminous skirt, and delicately enhanced veil, by the legendary Zuhair Murad.

#8 Maya Ikhwan

Talk about a princess! This dress has the delicate embroidery and sharp cut that makes it fit for actual royalty. Literally, something out of a Cinderella story.

#9 Lara Scandar

Lara looked like coming out of a dream in this two-tone bridal dress of sparkling snow-flakes all over the dress, particularly impressive on the see-through fabric of the high neck and long sleeves. Quite a sumptuous wedding dress!

#10 Hanin Zawaideh

Back to the traditional pure white with this sweetheart classic cut, a bridal gown of beautiful white crystals all over, an oversized trail, and a purely exquisite veil. 

It is worth noting, from what we’ve seen here with Zuhair Murad’s bridal designs and the brides wearing Elie Saab’s creativity, that the new trend is being more liberal, like our times.

They are breaking the traditional rule of pure white for Lebanese brides, and going ivory, silver, beige, two-tones, and even daring to be enhanced with colors like in a recent bridal gown by Elie Saab.  

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