Here Are The New Prices Of Your Favorite Snacks In Spinneys

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The world is officially ending! At least that’s how it might feel when your favorite snacks can now burn a hole through your wallet.

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With the economic situation, many standard household items have recorded price hikes in the past couple of months.

Here are the new prices of some of your favorite snacks (Spinney’s prices).

#1 Pringles

It’s no surprise that some imported goods already have a higher price than locally made ones.

New Price: 5,750 LL.

#2 Buffies by Master Chips

The recently rebranded Buffies line from Daher Foods’ Master Chips used to go for from 500 LL a bag.

New Price: 2,500 LL.

#3 Master Chips

The large bag which used to go for 1,000 LL. Looks like there will be fewer people adding chip 3a khal in their morning man2oushe.

New Price: 2,500 LL.

#4 Maltesers

Maltesers has a huge fanbase in Lebanon. But with the price hike, will it still?

New Price: 3,250 LL (37g bag).

But good news: Well, The961 just checked Spinneys Delivery online and the 175g bag is for 3,500 LL. It doesn’t make sense, but it’s recommended you order yourself some!

#5 M&M’s

Similar to Maltesers, the colorful original and peanut M&Ms were always added to desserts and on top of popcorn for fun. Well, people are going to think twice now.

New Price: 3,250 LL.

#6 Unica

Unica by Ghandour is a Lebanese favorite treat! This may not be a huge change but now instead of buying 4 for 1,000 LL, you can only buy two. Sad…

New Price: 500 LL.


If you need a break, you’ll probably opt for a walk in the park since all Nestle products will increase in price ever since Nestle announced that it will start charging 4,000 LL per $1.

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