Over 1,000 Oxygen Devices Will Be Donated To The Lebanese Red Cross

Hussam Shbaro via OT | @WHOLebanon (Twitter)

In helpful and timely donations, the (LRC) will receive over 1,000 oxygen concentrators.

One of the donations was made by the Association of Banks in (ABL), according to ’s state news agency, NNA.

In a statement, ABL chairman Salim Sfeir informed Lebanese Red Cross Secretary-General George Kettaneh that it had donated the funds to supply the devices.

In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) just delivered the first batch of oxygen concentrators to the LRC with the support of the European Union (EU).

The first batch consisted of 50 units of devices that will help meet the high demand for medical supplies as coronavirus cases continue to rise in .

is recording daily high numbers of COVID-19 infections with 2,621 coronavirus-related deaths at the time of writing.

Meanwhile, has launched a vaccination plan as it expects to receive vaccines soon.

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