15 Beaches In Lebanon Where You Can Soak In The Sun This Summer

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If you’re searching for beach resort experiences without having to book a ticket to Bali, look no further.

In addition to affordable beaches to visit for 50,000 LBP or less and free beaches in Lebanon, here are ones when you want to spend a little more.

#1 Orchid

Orchid is a beach resort and lounge located in Jiyeh and Batroun. Entrance any time of the week costs 90,000 LBP.

#2 Chir Bay – Jiyeh

A favorite of families and couples seeking a calm day at a clean sandy beach, the family-run Chir Bay also serves homemade food in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

For prices and more info, contact 71 455 789

#3 Veer Luxury Boutique Hotel

Entrance rates to Veer in Kaslik-Jounieh vary from 75,000 LBP for Mondays to Fridays to 100,000 LBP on Saturdays and Sundays.

#4 Lazy B

Lazy B in Jiyeh, just 20 minutes from Beirut, costs 100,000 LBP to enter. It costs 50,000 LBP for kids.

#5 Rocca Marina

Entrance to Rocca Marina in dreamy Chekka El-Heri costs 60,000 LBP from Monday to Friday and 75,000 LBP on the weekends.

#6 Janna Sur Mer

Entrance to the heavenly Janna Sur Mer in Damour costs 69,000 LBP any time of the week.

#7 Bahamas Beach Resort

The Bahamas Beach Resort is an escape in Jiyeh, Lebanon. Entrance costs 60,000 LBP.

#8 Coral Beach

Entrance to Coral Beach in Beirut costs 65,000 LBP on weekdays and 75,000 LBP on weekends.

#9 Pangea

Pangea Beach Resort offers a local tropical escape in Jiyeh. From Monday to Friday, the entrance costs 80,000 LBP and on the weekend the entrance is 100,000 LBP.

#10 Laguava Resort

Located in Rmeileh, the refreshing Laguava costs 60,000 LBP on weekdays an 80,000 LBP on weekends.

#11 Nannaya

Located in Chekka El-Heri beside the NABU Museum, the entrance to the Nannaya Beach Club costs 80,000 LBP on weekdays and 100,000 LBP on weekends.

#12 Cabo

Entrance to Cabo Beach House, located in Jiyeh, is 80,000 LBP any day of the week.

#13 Azure Beach Resort

Located in Zouk Mosbeh-Jounieh, Azure Beach Resort fees vary from 60,000 LBP on weekdays to 90,000 LBP on weekends.

#14 Saint Georges Yacht Club & Marina

Entrance to the iconic Saint George Hotel pool costs 100,000 LBP from Mondays to Fridays and 120,000 LBP on weekends.

#15 Kempinski Summerland Hotel & Resort Beirut

Entrance to the Kempinski in Beirut costs 120,000 LBP from Monday to Thursday and 150,000 LBP from Friday to Sunday.

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