This American NGO Just Donated Supplies To Help The Lebanese Army Fight Coronavirus

U.S. Embassy Beirut/Twitter

As the Lebanese army and security have been deployed to ensure that the Lebanese people are following quarantine, Spirit of America, an American NGO, has donated supplies to help.

These include gloves and protective masks to ensure their safety during enforcement.

The U.S. Embassy in Lebanon said in a tweet that the NGO provided these supplies to thousands of soldiers stationed across the country.

The Spirit of America is dedicated to supporting American troops that have been deployed abroad.

Its mission statement reads: “We are citizens serving the nation. Spirit of America is the only 501(c)(3) non-profit working alongside US service members and diplomats to improve their safety and success. In 2018, Congress recognized us as a partner in “supporting the missions of deployed United States personnel around the world.”

They chose to support the Lebanese army in fighting the Coronavirus, not as part of their main mission but as a sign of solidarity with Lebanon.

Various governments have chosen to support Lebanon in this time of crisis, such as France, China, and most recently, the U.S.

The government had recently extended its nationwide emergency another two weeks to contain the spread of coronavirus which has so far infected 463 people and killed 12 in Lebanon.

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