9 Fun Things To Do With Your Lebanese Teta And Jiddo This Grandparents Day

Every year, on June 29th, Lebanon celebrates Grandparents Day. With all the heartbreaking things that are taking place in the country, it’s a reminder to cherish our elders and dedicate the day solely to their happiness.

If you’re not sure what to do, here are some fun and simple things to do with your teta and jiddo that will mean the world to them on Grandparents Day in Lebanon.

Before making any plans, remember that the elders are more at-risk due to COVID-19 so make sure you’re vaccinated or have isolated before hanging out with them.

#1 Show off your cooking skills

First, every celebration calls for a feast. Flaunt dishes you’ve learned in your own kitchen and try to get your grandparent’s approval.

#2 Go on a walk together

Get some fresh air and have your grandparents move a little for their health.

#3 Spend the day at the beach

There are plenty of free beaches in Lebanon, as well as affordable ones if you’re on a budget. Otherwise, there are plenty of great beach resorts. Want to bring your pet along too? There are many pet-friendly beaches in Lebanon.

#4 Get them gifts

Quirky gifts they love like fuzzy socks, new slippers, silly t-shirts, or something sentimental they will cherish like a framed photo of the family or customized keychains.

#5 Go down memory lane

Ask them questions about their past. Maybe there are some things about their wild past they couldn’t tell you when you were younger. While you’re on the topic of their past, let them tell you about their love story!

#6 Have a dance moment

Why not let jeddo show you his moves?

#7 Go out for ice cream

It’s a known fact grandparents can’t resist ice cream. (it’s easiest on their teeth)

#8 Bake in the kitchen with teta

If teta wants to stay in, bake something with her. Let her teach you her famous recipe!

#9 Play a board game with jeddo

Don’t let jeddo play alone. Heads up: he might let you win or beat you terribly.

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