This Christmas Telethon Seeks to Help Underprivileged Individuals in Lebanon

The top two trending hashtags on Twitter in Lebanon are currently Telethon2019 and كرمال_كلنا_نعيد (For all of us to celebrate). They promote Stouh Beirut’s 7th annual Christmas Telethon; a fundraiser that aims to help specific people who have poor access to required medical care and/or dangerous social and financial conditions.


The humanitarian event was first hosted back in 2013 by Lebanese journalist Dalia Dagher on her then-talk show “Stouh Beirut,” and has been taking place at the same (Christmas) time every year ever since. The 7th run for the telethon began Monday, December 23rd, at 5:00 PM, and will last for several hours.

Airing live on OTV, the telethon involves Lebanese politicians, celebrities, and public figures taking phone calls from audiences who would like to pledge money to help previously-specified cases.


These cases are broadcasted as reports during the show detailing the specific conditions of the individuals who are most in need of assistance. The phone number designated for accepting pledges is displayed on the screen alongside Stouh Beirut’s website, which also accepts donations, as the show goes on.

This year, 600 million Lebanese Pounds is the amount specified and aimed for by the non-profit organization Stouh Beirut to cover the expenses of 7-10 underprivileged families that are in desperate need of financial support.


In addition to transactions made over the phone and via the website methods, donations are accepted via checks and bank transfers to Stouh Beirut’s designated accounts.

The organization’s posters for the event have been spreading widely on social media, containing additional information on how to donate to this year’s causes.

Stouh Beirut Association is a non-profit organization based in Lebanon and headed by journalist Dalia Dagher. It partakes in social services and its primary goal is to assist underprivileged individuals in Lebanon.

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The association is registered in the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities. According to their stated mission, “It is committed to the ethical and responsible distribution of all donations provided by our generous benefactors.”

Lebanon and the Lebanese have been going through serious economic and financial difficulties. Unfortunately, the most underprivileged of people in the country are the ones who have been the most affected by these crises. 

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But with Christmas right around the corner, and with Stouh Beirut’s noble efforts, we can help ease these people’s pains and give them the chance to happily celebrate the most wonderful time of the year in the arms of their beloved.

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