16 Amazing Road Trips In Lebanon You And Your Friends Should Take This Fall

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Nothing could make one more naturally happy than immersing in Lebanon’s nature, especially during the Fall season. Locals and tourists can bask in the beautiful hues of the season surrounded by a fresh breeze, wearing cozy hoodies, and sipping on hot drinks.

So if you are preparing your bucket list for the coming season, here are the perfect road trip destinations you should take with your friends or your date this Fall in Lebanon!

Oyoun Orghosh

Located in Northern Lebanon and situated on the eastern side of the country’s highest summit, Qornet el Sawda, Ouyoun Orgosh is a perfect destination to head to during the fall season.


Also located in the North of Lebanon, the Bcharre District is one of the most interesting destinations in Lebanon as it is home to 21 villages, and holy places, such as The Valley of the Saints with its monasteries.

Bcharre is also a perfect area to enjoy many activities.


Go on a road trip to the Zgharta district, and head to the mountainous town of Ehden, one of the country’s oldest and most astonishing towns dating back to the BCE period.


Perched at 1,320 meters above sea level, the village of Sawfar in Aley is one of the most picturesque places in Lebanon during the Fall season, as the whole town transforms into the stunning colors of the season!


Akoura in the District of Jbeil is an amazing road trip destination. The village is home to many natural and historical sites, as well as many hiking trails and camping sites under the stars.


Pick up your friends and head to Jezzine this fall, and visit the Lebanese town located in Southern Lebanon, around 73 km away from Beirut.

You will also get to experience many activities and stunning places to visit, including the Jezzine waterfall, Kanaan Mansion, Souk El Sed, and more.


Go on a road trip around 60 km from Beirut to Ehmej, which is renowned for its breathtaking nature and richness in diverse flora and fauna; a great place to hike during the fall season. The town also takes pride in its religious heritage, hosting 13 churches.


Laklouk is a mountainous area in Lebanon and a must-visit destination for adventure enthusiasts, home to spectacular landscapes and mesmerizing nature during the Fall season.


Head to Faqra in Kfardebian, and visit one of the most scenic villages in Lebanon. You will also get the chance to visit the Roman ruins of Qalaat Faqra!


Other than being a winter wonderland, the village of Faraya is also an amazing area to visit during the Fall season with its beautiful landscape and fresh atmosphere!


Situated in Northern Lebanon, Denniyeh is a mesmerizing gem to visit this coming season to fully immerse in the Fall vibes with your loved ones.


The Zahle district is home to several gorgeous areas such as Wadi Shamseen, Anjar, and Bar Elias, as well as the city of Zahle, which makes it a beautiful destination to stroll around its vibrant spots and serene nature during the fall.

The Ezr Forest

One of the most mesmerizing Lebanese regions during the fall, Akkar Governorate is located on the northernmost side of Lebanon and is worth a road trip, even a weekend, for its beautiful forests.

Most particularly mesmerizing in the fall season is The Ezr Forest in El Qamouaa as nature paints it with unique glorious colors, which makes it look like it’s straight from a fairytale!

Ouyoun el Samak

Also located in beautiful Akkar, Ouyoun el Samak bursts in glorious colors during the fall, which makes it a perfect destination for nature lovers.

It is popular for hiking in its many trails and picnics by its numerous water sources.


Take an hour and 20 minutes road trip from Beirut to Ammiq in Bekaa, and check out one of the most picturesque places along the fertile Bekaa Valley. Ammiq is also the most extensive freshwater wetlands in Lebanon and a fun hiking destination to visit this Fall!


Located in the Jezzine area, Bkassine is a breathtaking destination with many hiking trails along the biggest pine forest in the region.

The Bkassine village, which is a fun area to have the best time with your loved ones, was also named one of the Best Tourist Villages In The World.

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