Video: Samy Gemayel Just Put All Lebanese Politicians In Their Place!

samy gemayel

We’ve tried our best, here at the961, to avoid politics because if we do, it goes against our mission of promoting Lebanon. But I just couldn’t help it. I was sent this video of Samy Gemayel basically telling the Lebanese politicians off.

Samy Gemayel is a member of the parliament representing the Phalange (Kataeb) Party. He’s also the leader of the Kataeb, which refused a position in the cabinet of ministers because he claims “what was offered to Kataeb was aimed at excluding it from the cabinet.”

Samy has increasingly reiterated his plans to fight corruption in the government. This is also something he has brought up in this video.

The video, despite being kind of long, finally expresses what every Lebanese has wanted to say to their “representatives.” He starts slow but it quickly gets heated with him not holding back on telling them off. I’m honestly quite surprised they didn’t interrupt him and seemed to be listening to him attentively.

Samy tries to remind the Lebanese politicians of what their whole purpose and existence is – which is to serve the Lebanese people. A major and much-needed reality check for most of our politicians. He also stresses on the unity of the politicians in order to better serve the people. Reminded them of the martyrs that have fallen for the sake of the Lebanese independence and freedoms.

It is somewhat long but it’s definitely worth it. It’s quite refreshing to hear him say what they need to hear! Skip through the first minute or two of the video if you want.

Thank you, Samy Gemayel, for putting them in their place! Hopefully, they heard your message and they’ll focus on actually doing their job, which is to work for the benefit of the Lebanese people and not of their own personal interest.

You can follow Samy Gemayel on Facebook.

Update 29/12/2016: Samy Gemayel’s response to this article:

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